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Hey, thank you for your interest :)

If I could briefly introduce myself – I am Sweater3000, the sweater with a CV. I was born as a T-shirt in the middle of the fashion revolution of the 21st century in Nuremberg on April 13th, 2017. The Hartwoch crew was clear from the start - the whole thing shouldn't be a cheap scam and so I was influenced from an early age by values ​​such as sustainability, longevity and conscious consumption.

In the summer of my youth (2017) - I suddenly grew sleeves, I experimented with colors and had to find my own personal style. Every now and then someone gently took me by the cuff, pulled me to the side and showed me my options. I stretched myself and put on a thicker material so that I could be prepared for difficult situations in life. I have to admit that I, too, was on the wrong track for a while in my discovery phase. After I had talked my mouth into lint for several washes, everything went quiet around me... until I found a fabric that was fluffy but not intrusive.

In mid-2020, when I was a young adult, a brave seamstress began pulling the strings in my life. I would become a sharp guy, she said and constantly dragged me into training. I went from dress size XS to XXL in no time.

Fall 2021: Now I'm a seasoned sweater. I'm ready to move out of home, ticket in hand! Nothing stands in the way of our shared apartment!

And since this is an interview:

Where do I see myself in a few years? Perhaps…

…. I'll celebrate with you at the hottest festival of the year

... you carry me to the first meeting with the future parents-in-law

... I'll spend the night in a lost and found office, until you pick me up again, relieved

... I keep your child's collected treasures in my hidden pockets

... I soak up the tears of your best ones

... I'll warm you up if you have to get off the bus again at night

... I go really well with a campfire and guitar


Oh yes, if you're up for a really cozy shared apartment, there are some hats that are still looking for a place to stay in the fall. They also help you write your shopping list. Applicants would be:

Paul cinnamon&sugar (beige),
Verena fruit tea (pale red),
Anna Blue Chamomile (blue),
Holger marigold ointment (orange) and
Sebastian Lakritz (black).

The guys are also really organic and totally fair. I'll bet my last sweater :)



94% cotton, 5% viscose 1% polyester
Color: Ecru-Multicolored
Shipping weight: 600g


We deliver in Germany within 3-10 days and abroad within 5-14 days with DHL.

Size & fit

Please only order the size you prefer.
This means there is a greater chance of having fewer returns,
that protects the environment.

sustainable sweater rundhals ecru


Regular fit. Longer than usual.


Design/Idea: Holger, Sarah Heilingbrunner
Tailored: Sarah Heilingbrunner
Text: Asisa Fiorentino
Shipping: recyclable cardboard 
Support: €5 to the heating house project