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"Queen Sativa" shirt
"Queen Sativa" shirt
"Queen Sativa" shirt

"Queen Sativa" shirt

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"Queen Sativa" was a historical figure from the legendary empire "Sativania." Her unusual name was derived from her lifelong passion for plants.

Legend has it that as a young princess, Queen Sativa came across an extraordinary plant in the royal gardens of Sativania, which was later identified as a remarkable sativa cannabis plant. Fascinated by its beauty and diverse uses, she began caring for and researching this plant with dedication.

Her love of the plant world extended far beyond the boundaries of the royal garden. She promoted the cultivation of sativa cannabis throughout the empire of Sativania and was quick to recognize the plant's potential for medicinal, textile and spiritual purposes.

Due to her tireless efforts and deep commitment to plant breeding, the Princess was given the name "Queen Sativa." This name became a symbol of their love of nature and their desire to improve the quality of life of their people.

Queen Sativa's legacy is that she transformed the realm of Sativania into a thriving paradise where plant life took center stage. Her name reminds us how passion for nature can bring about transformative change.

With every sale from the Hemp Collection, €5 goes to the German Hemp Association, which is advocates for a sensible and progressive cannabis policy in Germany.

Sebastian (pictured) - 1.80m wears size M


100% cotton
Color: black 
Shipping weight: 250g


To avoid overproduction, your shirt will be made exclusively for you as soon as you order. We deliver within Germany within 3-10 days and abroad within 5-14 days with DHL.

Size & fit

Please only order the size you prefer.
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Fit: regular fit | unisex
The shirt is normal. If you are an M you can also take M, if you want something oversized take L or XL. You can also take a shirt out of your closet, measure it and compare it with the size chart in the product description.
Sebastian (pictured) - 1.80m wears size M


Idea/Illustration: Holger (IG @strokes_in_silence)
Printed: Holger
Shipping: recyclable cardboard, packaged plastic-free
Support: 5€ to project Deutscher Hanfverband