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bicycle day
bicycle day
bicycle day
bicycle day
bicycle day
bicycle day
bicycle day

bicycle day

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Back then on a Monday. “Grüezi Albert! Are you coming to Urs's for a beer this evening?" "Oh, sorry. I still have an ass full of work. You know, Anita is always so tired. Would you like to do something good for her.” “Oh, that’s a shame… should I give you a quick ride to the laboratory?” “It’s nice of you, but I’ll take the bike!”

here you can find the dark mode version ;)

5€ goes to the project - BikeKitchen, they take care of repairing broken bikes for free.

100% cotton
Color white
Shipping weight: 250g


To avoid overproduction, your shirt will be made exclusively for you as soon as you order. We deliver within Germany within 3-10 days and abroad within 5-14 days with DHL.

Size & Fit

Here you can see the most important dimensions
A: width and B: height
You can get a comparable part
take it out of your closet and compare these measurements.

Please only order the size you prefer.
This means there is a greater chance of having fewer returns,
that protects the environment.

continental clothing earth positive ep18

Casual fit.


Idea: Sebastian
Printed: Holger
Shipping: recyclable cardboard 
Support: 5€ to the project