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"coffee & biscuits" shirt
"coffee & biscuits" shirt
"coffee & biscuits" shirt
"coffee & biscuits" shirt

"coffee & biscuits" shirt

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There's nothing better than a hot coffee and a crunchy cookie. ☕️🍪 The combination is simply unbeatable, indescribable and ultra seductive! It's like a dream come true that transports us to another dimension of taste!

For those of you who are wondering the best way to dip a biscuit into coffee, we recommend holding the biscuit at a slight angle so that it is perfectly immersed in the hot, strong coffee and the aroma and taste are fully integrated can wrap around the biscuit. But be careful - left in the coffee too long and the biscuit will become soggy!

However, we also heard about other ways to dip the biscuit into the coffee:

  1. Dive: If you're brave enough to completely submerge the cookie in the coffee, then you've done a dive - perhaps to impress your cookie buddies!
  2. Splash Attack: If you dip the cookie into the coffee so quickly that the coffee splatters in all directions, then you've triggered a "splash attack" - a dangerous mission with sticky consequences for everyone nearby! So it's better to immerse yourself slowly and carefully to avoid unwanted showers!
  3. Greedy Maw: If you're so hungry that you dip several cookies in your coffee at the same time and then eat them all at once, then you've created a "cookie jam." The other cookies are waiting in line, wondering when it will finally be their turn while you wallow in cookies and coffee. But hey, who can resist a delicious cookie?

Ready for the ultimate cookie coffee kick? Which immersion technique do you recognize yourself in?


100% cotton
Color: camel
Printing process: screen printing
oversized, unisex


To avoid overproduction, your shirt will be made exclusively for you as soon as you order. We deliver within Germany within 3-10 days and abroad within 5-14 days with DHL. including shipment tracking.

Material weight: 180g/m²
Shipping weight: 250g

Size & fit

Please only order the size you prefer.
This means there is a greater chance of having fewer returns, which protects the environment. If you have any questions, write to us.

Fit: true size so order what you always take, oversized look


Illustration: Anna Heindl (IG: @annahndl)
Text: Verena
Printed: Holger, Anna, Sebastian
Shipping: recyclable cardboard, packaged plastic-free
Support: 5€ to project Heizhaus